Culinary Agents is designed specifically to support the unique challenges that come with sourcing talent for all levels and types of hospitality positions. When you post jobs on, we immediately get to work for you; circulating your jobs and employer brand to our private network and promoting your posts across our partner network.

Our “one stop shop” approach helps businesses efficiently and effectively reach a targeted community of industry professionals and comes fully equipped with applicant management tools so that you can spend less time managing multiple job sites and more time tending to applicants and guests.

Where and how we distribute jobs to support your hiring efforts

Our robust network not only targets hospitality industry professionals, it also casts a wide net for your jobs on other job boards with no added effort from your team. Each job posted on Culinary Agents is distributed to our private network as well as to our partner network.

  1. Our private network consists of our growing member base of hospitality professionals nationwide (over 1.2 million as of June 2022) and Culinary Agents-hosted industry job boards.

    • Jobs are targeted to our members via our suite of discovery tools on our site (e.g., Geo-targeted search results, Matches, Job Alerts, etc.).
    • Jobs are posted to Culinary Agents-hosted industry job boards.

  2. Our partner network consists of over 500 affiliate sites, including Indeed, ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn. We push jobs to our partner sites and sponsor your job posts, optimizing spend based on their unique algorithms for maximum exposure.


Types of distribution for our private and partner networks

  • Organic distribution: Each job posted is pushed to our private network and optimized to appear in organic search results (e.g., Google, LinkedIn).

    Pro-tip: By adding our Career Page widget to your website, you will receive additional organic traffic from select partners (e.g., Indeed). 

  • Sponsored distribution: Culinary Agents sponsors slots across our partner sites (e.g., Indeed, ZipRecruiter) to advertise your jobs. Additional boosting options are available, which include sponsored slots on our site as well as promotions on select third party sites (e.g., Craigslist).

    Pro-tip: For as little as $10 per post, you can get premium placements for your jobs with our Boost feature


Interested in integrating our job marketing and talent network offerings into your existing hiring toolkit? Contact us, we are happy to share more.


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