Our Job Boost feature provides an enhanced option for promoting your current posts, allowing your employer brand to stand out to candidates and stand apart from the competition. 

3 Reasons to Boost a Job Post:

  1. Increase visibility of your job to more candidates
  2. Attract more applicants, especially for time sensitive hiring needs
  3. Gain a competitive edge on other businesses

Exclusive Placements for Boosted Posts on CulinaryAgents.com:

  1. Job landing Page
    Our geo-based Job Landing Page is one of most heavily trafficked page on our site! Your boosted post will appear in a dedicated space which specifically highlights jobs within a 30-mile radius of the job seeker’s city.
    CulinaryAgents JobBoost Landing Page

  2. Job Search Page
    Our Job Search page is the destination for active job seekers on our platform. Boosted posts will appear in a dedicated space on this page based on the search criteria entered by the job seeker.
    CulinaryAgents JobBoost Job Search Page

  3. Related Job Posts
    While job seekers are viewing the details of other job opportunities, your boosted post will be promoted at the bottom of page of similar positions based on location.
    CulinaryAgents JobBoost RelatedJobs

How-to Boost a Job Post:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on "My Business" from the top menu
  3. Click "Jobs"
  4. Click “Boost Post” beneath the corresponding Job Post
  5. Select your reach
  6. Enter payment
    CulinaryAgents JobBoost How to