From "Applied" to "Hired", utilize our Pipeline View to organize your pool of applicants and easily see their progress for each Job Post. You can also customize your pipeline based on your team's processes and be able to quickly see high-level progress of applicants at-a-glance.



How-to access Pipeline View:

  1. Log into your Culinary Agents account
  2. Click "My Business"
  3. Click "Posts" beneath "Jobs" on the left navigation menu.
  4. Click on "Applicants" beneath the corresponding Job Post
  5. Select "Pipeline" on the left side of your screen to switch your view from "List"



  1. Add unique stages of your hiring process to your Pipeline by updating your "Applicant Status Settings" in your Business Profile Settings. Note, your pipeline stages will be the same for all jobs for each business profile. If you have multiple business profiles, you can edit these stages for each.
  2. Drag and drop applicants from one stage of the Pipeline.
    Culinary Agents - Candidate Dashboard, Draggable Pipeline View
  3. You can easily toggle between List and Pipeline View. The List View is helpful for quickly scanning applications, then utilize the Pipeline View to move applicants between stages.
    Culinary Agents - Candidate Dashboard, Switch View to Pipeline View
  4. Applicants who have been given a "Thumbs Down"  and those who have withdrawn their application will be moved to the botton of the list within each pipeline stage so that your top candidates appear first.