The hospitality industry is comprised of many, many different types of businesses and each business has a variety of roles to fill as well as a unique set of hiring needs, including how long a specific role needs to be filled. In hopes of supporting all ways that businesses hire talent, we have introduced the BETA version of Gigs! Now in addition to the standard Job options (e.g, Full-Time, Part-Time, Seasonal, Internship, Externship), posting a Gig offers businesses an option to hire for short-term positions - whether that be a shift, a day, a week, etc.
What’s a Gig? How is a Gig different than a Job?
Gigs are short-term, temporary job opportunities. Posting opportunities as Gigs allow business to highlight these specific job opportunities to talent. 
In addition to the standard Details required to post a Job, when posting a Gig, the following information is also required:
  • Date Range
  • Time Period (e.g., Shift start/end times)
  • Compensation Rate per Hour/Day
How long does a Gig stay active?
While current Job Posts are valid for 30 days from the posting date, if your Gig ends before this date default, it will expire the day after the end date indicated in the Gig Details. And as always, if you fill the position before this time, you have the option of manually closing the post sooner. 
Note: The premium auto-repost feature is not available for Gigs.
How much does it cost to place a job ad for a Gig?
The same job ad pricing and plan options apply when advertising a Gig (i.e., for subscription ads and contracted group plans, the job ad will count as a one of your monthly ad credits). Here are our Plans and Pricing. Also, you can use this link for additional info to help you choose your plan.
How to Post a Gig on Culinary Agents
How-to Post a Gig: 
While gigs are for an abbreviated amount of time, you can follow the same steps as you would to post up a Job and just a few extra details.
  1. Choose your Posting Plan
  2. Click “Post Jobs"
  3. On the Job Details page, Select "Gigs" as the Job Type
  4. Complete the following fields required for Gigs:
    What is the compensation?" (e.g., hourly or day rate)
    What are the dates? (e.g., starting date, ending date)
    What time for those date(s)? (e.g., starting time, ending time)
  5. Complete the remaining Job Detail fields as you would for a regular Job Post.
  6. Click "Post" to publish the Gig (or click "Save Draft" if you'd like to save your work and revisit at a later time).