Culinary Agents is one of the first sites to be optimized for Google Jobs, giving your job ads maximum visibility in their search results!! Our goal is to consistently get your job opportunities in front of qualified candidates.

Culinary Agents' new optimization with Google Jobs provides additional benefits to employers: 


Optimized Placement in Google Search Results

Your job ads will appear in the dedicated Job Search section.

Increased Pool of Motivated Candidates

The new user experience on Google Jobs allows job seekers to customize their searches with specific filters for more targeted results like location and job title.

New Distribution Channel for Your Employer Brand

With Google as the world’s top search engine, it’s natural that users will continue to start their job search on their platform, the only difference is that now your jobs will be highlighted to maximize visibility and connect candidates to opportunities.

Culinary Agents is proud to be part of this new initiative with Google which will improve your hiring success!

“Finding the right employee is one of the most important tasks in business... So if Google can make job sites better, make the candidate search process more accurate, and give us all better data about what good jobs are available in our location, many problems can be solved.” – Josh Bersin, Forbes