35% of job applicants on Culinary Agents come from our unique matching algorithm.

In addition to connecting with talent who directly apply to positions, Culinary Agents maximizes your pool of potential candidates through our exclusive matching algorithm. This feature works behind-the-scenes for your hiring success, allowing us to pair jobs posted to talent profiles based on the skills required for the position and the talents’ experience.

The Matching technology is mutually beneficial for both your employer brand and job-seeking professionals. Talent users can see Matched Jobs highlighted on their dashboard, which they can then apply to with a single-click. Similarly, for Employer Brands, we queue up candidates whose level of experience aligns with those required for each specific job.

To save time and streamline your talent sourcing process, as a business you can also filter your Matches by the following criteria to further narrow the candidate pool:


New Matches

Displays only Matches that your team has not viewed yet.


Shows only those Matches that your team has messaged. Plus, there is a sub-filter to sort those indicated by your team as “Interested” or “Not Interested.”

Candidate Status

Displays only Matches who have indicated they are “Looking for Jobs.”

Last Login

Sorts Matches based on the date/time of their last login to show who is actively on Culinary Agents (e.g., less than 2 weeks, 2 weeks to 1 month, etc.) .


Shows Matches who have indicated they are “Willing to Relocate” for a position.

Current City

Shows only the Matches who have indicated they are located in a specific city.

Recent Employer

Dispalys Matches who are currently working with or have previously worked for a specific business.


Shows only Matches who have indicated they are affiliated with a specific school (i.e., graduate or current student). .