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500 7th Avenue, 9th foor, New York, NY

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Culinary Agents is a professional networking & job matching website designed for current and aspiring professionals in the food, beverage, and hospitality industry. Our... Read more

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  • Kate Neuhaus
    Director of Marketing
    New York City
  • Zhuoxi Joe Song

    New York, NY
  • Madison Alpern
    Food & Beverage, Design, Sales, Tech
    Philadelphia, PA
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  • Founder & CEO

    Alice Cheng

  • Co-Founder & COO

    Ray Chan

  • Co-Founder & CTO

    Jun Yoon

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Leaders who currently or have previously worked here
  • Alice Cheng
    Founder & CEO
    Culinary Agents
  • Kim Lerner
    Leadership Coach & Hospitality Consultant
    only yummy, always
Employees (47)
  • Alice Cheng
    Founder & CEO
    Oct 2012—Present
  • Patrick Lin
    Product Designer
    Jan 2013—Present
  • Jun Yoon
    Co-Founder & CTO
    Sep 2014—Present
  • Current (11) 
     Former (36)