Focused on our mission to help talent succeed in their careers, Culinary Agents is a website to find career-related information about the hospitality industry. Our growing community includes over 1,030,000 members and 33,000 businesses nationwide. The platform empowers aspiring and existing talent to easily discover and apply to the best jobs. Culinary Agents also provides job marketing, recruiting and employer branding solutions to help businesses hire the best talent. Additionally, our hospitality-focused marketplace for goods and services enables buyers and sellers to connect.

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Press Mentions

To Win the War for Talent, Restaurants Must Evolve as Employers
According to Alice Cheng, founder and CEO of hospitality career website Culinary Agents, the pandemic gave workers a chance to step back and reevaluate their priorities. In doing so, they reconsidered whether working in a restaurant was right for them.  Read more
Four Key Challenges in Hospitality Recruiting and How to Overcome Them
Cheng’s outlook remains positive. “They will come back in waves and on their timeframe,” she says. “That’s just going to take a little bit of time. Nobody wants to hear that.” Read more
Quicktake “Take the Lead”
Alice Cheng, Founder and CEO of Culinary Agents, discusses adapting to staff shortages in light of the restaurant industry’s comeback after Covid-19. Watch here
Restaurants offer signing bonuses to new employees amid a labor shortage
Restaurants and food businesses are coming out of the pandemic with yet another crisis: How to find workers. Some have gotten creative. Read more
Restaurants face new COVID-19 challenge: Finding enough workers
"Every businesses got a couple of weeks of lead time saying, 'OK, now you can reopen,' following a year of closures and project delays," said Alice Cheng, CEO of Culinary Agents, which runs a job site for restaurants. "Everybody is hiring at the same exact time. That's causing supply and demand issues right off the board." Read more
Culinary Agents Joins eQuest’s On-Demand Marketplace – eQuestXpress
Culinary Agents announced today that it has joined eQuest’s exclusive job board marketplace, eQuestXpress, offering customers discounted rates not offered anywhere else. Read more
Restaurant Workers Are Combing Through Job Listings - But They’re Not Applying
Culinary Agents CEO Alice Cheng on the restaurant worker shortage and how workers will return to the industry 'on their timeframe'. Read more
Restaurant Hiring: Navigating the Labor Shortage
There's a labor shortage impacting the restaurant industry, made tougher by the pandemic. Early on in 2020, we were scrambling to figure out ways to get food to customers and how to give staff enough hours and keep them on the payroll. Now as we enter a recovery stage, the biggest challenge that's emerged has become finding enough staff to fit the demand. Read more
America scrambles for restaurant workers
Millions of restaurants are hiring all at once and, after a deadly pandemic, the jobs of waiters, cooks, and hosts seem more dangerous than they ever have before. All of this is contributing to a nationwide hospitality worker shortage as the economy opens back up. Read more
Unemployed workers defect and debate their next moves, leaving restaurant owners to contend with a labor shortage
Restaurants across the U.S. are desperate to hire as outdoor dining season begins, indoor dining restrictions lift, and vaccination rates trend upwards. But despite the hospitality industry losing nearly one-third of its jobs during the pandemic, workers aren’t coming back. In many cases, they’re not even applying. Read more
Wanted: Thousands of restaurant workers
Competition for talent has become cutthroat in Chicago's restaurant world as COVID restrictions loosen and diners venture out again. Restaurant job postings in Chicago increased 100 percent during the month of March, according to data from hospitality job site Culinary Agents. Read more

Press Releases

Culinary Agents Releases Culinary Agents Jobs iOS App for Job Seekers in the Hospitality Industry
September 20, 2021
Culinary Agents announces its free mobile iOS app "Culinary Agents Jobs" to help hospitality talent easily discover and apply to jobs on-the-go.  Read more
Culinary Agents Launches an Online Marketplace to Help Hospitality Businesses and Professionals
November 23, 2020
Culinary Agents expands its platform beyond jobs to include an online marketplace for equipment, supplies and services.  Read more
Culinary Agents Addresses Hospitality Talent Shortage with Employer Branding Solutions
October 1, 2019
Now, after seven years of supporting the industry, incorporating feedback and anticipating needs, Culinary Agents offers exclusive, community-powered features aimed at simplifying how businesses and talent connect.  Read more
Culinary Agents Announces New Hosted Career Pages for Businesses
September 19, 2017
With this tool, businesses can embed a Career Page as a mini-site within their website that then displays the jobs they have posted on CulinaryAgents.com with real-time updates.  Read more
Culinary Agents Announces New Features for Job Applicant Matching Optimization
April 17, 2017
The “Willing to Relocate” feature, which has been added to the Job Preference section of each user’s profile, allows employers to connect with potential employees who may otherwise seem to be out their geographic reach.  Read more
Culinary Agents Confirms Hospitality Trade Association Partnerships for Q1 2017
April 3, 2017
Culinary Agents proudly confirms the growth of its private network during Q1 2017 to include new partnerships with the following associations: Golden Gate Restaurant Association, NoshTalks and Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington (RAMW).  Read more
Culinary Agents announces strategic partnership with METRO AG
April 27, 2015
Berlin, Germany - Culinary Agents announced today a partnership with METRO AG, the 5th largest retailer in the world, enabling Culinary Agents to expand to Europe and Asia and grow US operations.  Read more
CulinaryAgents.com announces Industry Advisory Board
April 7, 2015
New York, NY - Professional networking and job matching site CulinaryAgents.com announced today their Industry Advisory Board.  Read more
Culinary Agents partners with prominent industry leaders to provide mentoring to food, beverage, and hospitality professionals
October 8, 2014
Professional networking and job matching site CulinaryAgents.com announced today that they have started accepting applications for their first of a kind "Get Inspired" mentoring series being held in early November 2014.  Read more