Whether you are the owner or have been assigned as an Admin or Manager for your business’s profile, here are the basics along with hints and tips for posting jobs.


Post Your Jobs

  • Setup your user and business accounts:
  • Click the green “Post Jobs” button (or select from the drop down menu if on a mobile device)
  • At the minimum, complete all of the required fields marked with a green *
    Pro-tip: To spark interest in more candidates and set your post apart from the competition, take the time to include details about your employer brand, your team culture along with employee benefits and perks
  • Click “Preview” to review your post
  • Click “Post” when all of the information has been entered. If you are not currently subscribed to a plan, you’ll be prompted with additional steps to choose the posting plan that best fits your needs
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Target the Right Candidates

By ensuring that every job post is seen by your desired audience, you'll increase your chances of more applicants. When posting, you can customize the distribution of your job post:

  • Multi-city matching - A great way to target talent is through our matching feature. In addition to local talent, you can add cities from which you would also like recieve matches.
  • Anonymous Post - We understand that sometimes you need to be more discreet about your hiring needs. This feature is included with our Monthly Subscription Plan and Group Plans. When you select this option, your job post will not show your Business name, nor will it appear on your profile page.
  • Post job to school networks on Culinary Agents - To attract students and alumni from a specific school, simply start to type in the school name and then select from the drop down list of all of the schools that are currently part of the Culinary Agents' community.
  • Post job to Culinary Agents - This feature auto-defaults to be "on" unless you choose otherwise. By having this feature turned on, your job will appear and be promoted on our Jobs page.

Manage Your Job Posts

  • The Assignee to the Job will receive all email notifications from applicants, Followers will receive limited notifications and all other managers will need to log into the site to view applicants, message matches etc. Read more >>>>
  • You can only assign a Job to a team member who already has access to the business profile.
  • To re-assign a Job, go to the Job Post from your dashboard, click “Edit” and select from the “Who is the contact person for this job?”
  • Each post is active for 30 days and will then move into your Archives; you can access Job Archives from a link next to your Active Jobs.

Edit Your Job Post (if needed)

  • You may make edits the Job details after posting, however you are not able to make edits to Job Titles.
  • Once a Job Post Title is changed, a new set of matches is created. We limit these edits to avoid spam/duplicate notifications to our Talent Community. To request a change to your Job Title, contact us at [email protected] and provide a link to the Job Post and the new title you’d like to appear on the Job Post.

View & Connect with Candidates

  • Culinary Agents generates a talent pool of candidates for each of Job Post comprised of Applicants and Matches.
    • An Applicant is someone who proactively applies to your job post.
    • A Match is someone whose experience and qualifications are a “match” to the job requirements listed. Matches are individuals who have indicated that they are “Actively Looking for a Job” or “Interested in Opportunities.”
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  • You can find an Applicant’s cover letter in the “Messages” section.
  • You can add Notes which will stay with the applicant and can only be viewed by those assigned to your business account.
  • The Assignee for each Job is the only person who will receive email notifications when candidates apply. This person can also utilize the automatic email sync when hitting “Reply” to a message. By using this feature, all communications are reflected with this applicant in the system.
  • Be timely when contacting candidates.
  • You can filter and proactively reach out to matches.

Promote Your Jobs on Your Website 

Boost exposure by adding the jobs you post on Culinary Agents to your own website with our Career Page tool. It's free and the setup is easy (no IT department needed).

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Have questions? We are always happy to help, simply contact us.