A big piece of the hiring puzzle is understanding how job posts help to achieve the hiring goals of your team. The Job Performance Report is an exclusive feature that is available to all business profiles on Culinary Agents.

How-to access your Job Performance Report:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on "My Business" from the top menu
  3. Click "Report" to the right of "Dashboard" 
    CulinaryAgents - Where to find Job Performance Report Dashboard

  4. Then you'll be able to view all jobs that are open or by the specific month selected from the drop down menu
    CulinaryAgents - Job Performance Report Dashboard

  5. Click "Details" to view the Insights for the individual job post
    CulinaryAgents - Job Performance Report Insight

Get a top-level snapshot of performance for all of your jobs

At-a-glance you can see all jobs by month, including how many views each job had, the number of applicants who started the application and those who successfully applied, as well as who was assigned the job on your team and how many hires resulted from the post. 

Pro-tip: For accuracy of this report, your team must update the number of hires manually for each post.  

Get individual insights for each job post

Via this performance report, you are able to get more details to better understand the nuances of each job post. 

Where are people viewing your job?

This map depicts where your job post is attracting the most candidates across the U.S.

Pro-tip: To access candidate matches in other cities (including those where you're already seeing traction), select the Silver or Gold Plan which will allow you to select additional cities for matches.

How do people discover this job? 

This graph provides a visual breakdown of the channels from which candidates came through to discover your job. 

Pro-tip: To grow your 'discovery pie' add a FREE Culinary Agents-hosted Career Page to your website, this way you can attract candidates who are already interested in your employer brand.