Plus, distribution to 500+ affiliate sites

In addition to accessing our constantly growing Culinary Agents user base of industry professionals, by posting on Culinary Agents, your jobs are automatically circulated to our private network and distribution channels. This unique approach not only provides exposure through other leading online job search platforms, but also connects you to our exclusive partners who focus on the hospitality industry.


Our Distribution Channels
By posting on Culinary Agents, we not only ensure that you have access to the qualified talent among our internal community, but we also cast a wider net for you to acquire candidates from top performing job search engine sites that span a wide spectrum of industries. As a service, we continue to add distribution partners to maximize the reach for each job you post. In conjunction with the partner sites listed below, your job will also appear on 500+ of their affiliate sites. 


Pro-tip: To customize which sites your jobs are distributed to, go to the "Settings" section of your Business Profile to toggle 'on' or 'off' each distribution partner based on your preferences. 


Our Private Network
Culinary Agents proudly hosts the curated job boards of the following industry-leading websites and associations. 





Culinary Agents also supports platform integrations with your job distributor, applicant tracking system (ATS) and payroll systems - see here for a full list of current active platform integrations.

Contact us via email to learn how you can get involved: [email protected].