A Culinary Agents' Career Page makes it easy for employers to syndicate the jobs already posted on CulinaryAgents.com to your website with just one line of HTML code. (For more about the benefits of adding jobs to your website, please read 5 Ways a Career Pages Enhances Your Employer Brand).

Career Page Pre-Requisite Steps:
(ensure these steps are complete before adding a Career Page)

  1. Create your free user account on CulinaryAgents.com (click the link in the confirmation email).
  2. Add your business by signing into your account and clicking on your Profile Icon, then "Add a Business."
  3. (Optional) Post a Job 
    Note: You do not need active jobs to add a Career Page to your site. Any jobs you post in the future on CulinaryAgents.com will syndicate to your site as well.

Career Page Setup:

  1. Go to the Career Page URL
  2. Enter your Business Name and select it from the dropdown list 
  3. Review the design of your Career Page widget. If necessary, customize the design by specifying the background, link color, button color, or the theme of the "powered by Culinary Agents" logo.
  4. Click Add Jobs to Site, then copy-and-paste the code into the HTML of your site.
    Et voila, you're finished!

Note: By using your Culinary Agents Career Page, you agree to the Culinary Agents' User Agreement.)



Where to add your code and other helpful tips to get started:

  • Paste the code within the <body> of your HTML page.

  • If ‘1.0.js’ JavaScript is already included in your page, you don’t need to include this script again; it updates automatically to support new features.

  • Mandatory fields
    • <div> class
    • data-widget-name


Other Notes

The Culinary Agents' Career Page product is designed to be ADA-compliant** with accessibility support for:

  • Persons with low vision
  • Persons with limited dexterity who need to be able to navigate a website using a keyboard instead of a mouse

** based on WCAG 2.0 guidelines

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