Partners, Markus Glocker and John Winterman of Bâtard, share their experience working with Culinary Agents from the opening stages of their award-winning restaurant to the present-day operations.

Why did you choose to work with Culinary Agents from the start?

We chose to work with Culinary Agents for the intuitive feel of the website.  Everything is easy to navigate and while there have been updates and changes, the heart of the matter remains user-friendly.

What is unique about Culinary Agents and why is that important to your team?

Culinary Agents may be the first site we have seen that also considers the roles beyond line cook or bartender that most people seem to forget about:  banquets, accounting, hotel management – which are all important roles in the world of hospitality.  Culinary Agents gives these areas a needed spotlight.

Why would you recommend Culinary Agents to other businesses?

Culinary Agents separates the wheat from the chaff so to speak.  When you post a job, you know the people applying for the position have the experience.  [In addition, it] has a great Industry Calendar to keep up with the goings on in your city, which can be a daunting task.

Why is Culinary Agents an important networking tool for talent?

Even in a city with thousands of restaurants, it can be a small world!  You will find people on Culinary Agents with whom you may have worked in the past.  The sense of community is strong. 

What exclusive features on Culinary Agents do you find helpful for recruiting talent?

We love the confidential "Notes" section for applicants where we can keep track of the hiring process.  It beats writing it all down for certain.  The "I Want To Work Here" section is nice - we check it once a week just in case there is a pleasant surprise!

About Bâtard 

The James Beard Foundation’s 2015 Best New Restaurant and Michelin-starred, Bâtard, is in Manhattan’s downtown Tribeca space that once housed the legendary Montrachet. It offers a modern European menu with inventive and delicious dishes inspired by Chef/Partner Markus Glocker’s Austrian heritage and his diverse culinary influence by industry leaders including Gordon Ramsay and Charlie Trotter. Managing partner John Winterman, former longtime maître d’ at Daniel, has curated a relaxed setting warmed by golden light and cozy banquettes accompanied by a wine list that highlights the best of Burgundy and expertly crafted cocktails.