Templates provide consistency and convenience. When hiring via Culinary Agents, they allow you to delegate recruiting efforts to your team while remaining in control of the messaging. As a best practice, create your most commonly used messages (e.g., Application Acknowledgment, Interview Invitation, etc.) for your team to use and see how they help streamline your team's ability to respond to candidates.

How-to Create a New Message Template:
  1. Login to your Culinary Agents account
  2. Click “My Business”
  3. Click “Settings” beneath the business profile
  4. Click “Create New Template”
  5. Name Your Template
  6. Add Text to the "Template Body”. Click on the personalized buttons when you’d like to insert them into the template body. These fields will update when you use the template to respond to an individual candidate.
  7. "Edit" or "Delete" your saved Templates from the “Settings” tab of your business profile

Note: Only Admins are able to create and edit Message Templates.

Creating A New Message Template in CulinaryAgents.com

How-to Use a Message Template:
  1. Login to your Culinary Agents account
  2. Click on “My Business”
  3. Click on “Applicants”, “Matches” or “Messages” for a Job
  4. Go to the “Messages” section, click on the “Select Message Template” drop down menu
  5. Review the message and make any edits for that specific message
  6. Click “Send”

Selecting a Template On Candidate Dashboard on CulinaryAgents.com