Add your team members to your business profile 

To optimize your hiring success with Culinary Agents, make sure your team has access to your business profile. There is no limit (and no cost!) to the number of team members you can add.


Manage job posts with your team

We understand that hiring is often a team effort and keeping your team updated can be challenging. To help alleviate this pain point, when you post a job on Culinary Agents, in addition to each job having an Assignee, you also have the option to add Followers from your team.

Create custom message templates

Templates provide consistency and convenience. When hiring via Culinary Agents, they allow you to delegate recruiting efforts to your team while remaining in control of the messaging. Easily create your most commonly used messages (e.g., Application Acknowledgment, Interview Invitation, etc.) for your team to use and see how they help streamline your team's ability to respond to candidates.

Use internal notes to communicate with your team

Communication with your team is essential when recruiting and hiring new employees. Our Mentions feature on each candidate's dashboard allows you to notify a colleague within an internal note; keeping your conversations right where you need them, ensuring the hiring process continues to flow in a timely manner.

Quickly identify applicants with tags

Reviewing applications is a critcal part of the hiring process. identifying reviewed applicants saves you time and allows you to easily communicate with your team about next steps.