The "My Business" section of Culinary Agents is designed as a workspace for your talent sourcing activities related to your jobs.

Business Users can easily:

  • Access job posts and drafts
  • Manage jobs
  • Search candidates
  • Access candidate data
  • View business reports


To access, click "My Business" in the upper right corner of your screen.

Here are details for navigating the left menu options:

  • Companies:Link to Article
    • View your business profile(s)
    • Access billing information
    • Edit settings for business profile(s)

  • Jobs:Link to Article
    • Manage job posts and drafts
    • Access candidates details (e.g., Matches, Applicants,"I Want To Work Here" submissions)
    • Search job posts
    • Find and review stats for job posts

  • Talent:Link to Article
    • Search and access candidate activity (Matches and Applicants)
    • Review job posts for which you are the Assignee or a Follower
    • Export new hire data* 

  • Reports
    • Job performance
    • Employer brand

* Indicates premium features available with ATS upgrade. To learn more about ATS upgrades, contact our team.



  1. If you are a Group Admin (for multiple businesses linked to group profiles), the overview from the main page is organized for the selected Group. To switch between groups, select from the drop down menu in the "Current Group" section.

  2. Your view is based on your access level, which may vary per business profile.

    Business Profile Admins have access to all job, candidate and reporting data.
    Business Profile Managers have access to jobs, candidate and reporting data linked to jobs in which they are the Assignee or Follower of.

    For more details, click here.

  3. For a directory of tutorials for utilizing Culinary Agents for your business, click here.