Managing applicants is a critical part of building the right team for your business. Our Candidate Dashboard has been designed to help save you time by keeping applicant data and correspondence both organized and centralized. Your candidate dashboard has two main tabs - Applicants and Matches. This article will focus on the Applicants tab. For more details about Matches, click here.



Optimize Your Applicant Dashboard

To save yourself and your team time recruiting and ultimately hiring, we encourage you to take a few minutes to set up your applicant dashboard based on your needs and preferences.

Choose How To View Applicants

On your Applicant Dashboard, there are two ways to view applicants - List and Pipeline. You may easily switch between these view styles by clicking on the buttons located on the left navigation bar.

  • In the List view, you are able to see specific details for the individual applicant.
  • In the Pipeline view, you are able to see all of your applicants from a bird’s eye perspective and which stage each is in, from “applied” to “hired”. In the pipeline view you can also easily drag and drop Applicants from one stage to another.

To add custom stages, update your "Applicant Status Settings" in your Business Profile Settings. Please note, the "Applied" and "Hired" stages are the only two that cannot be edited. Also, all stages will be the same for all jobs linked to your business profile. If you have multiple business profiles, you may customize these stages for each.


Create Custom Message Templates

When using our platform to message applicants, creating templates ensures consistency in your team’s communication to applicants while also saving time. You will always have the option of sending a custom message, if preferred. Applicants will be notified that there is a message from your business. No personal information of the team member sending the message will be shared, unless it is included in the body of the message.

As a best practice, we recommend keeping all messaging with applicants on the platform so that your team has a central place to access it if needed. You are able to actively message applicants up to 90 days after your job post expires.

Manage Applicants Efficiently

Each job you post has a dedicated Applicant Dashboard to help you and your team efficiently access and manage applicant data.

View Applicant Details

To view an application, click on the Applicant card. Then you will be able to view either the applicant’s Culinary Agents profile or their attached resume (depending on which option they chose to apply with) as well as a Cover Letter, if provided.

On the right panel, you are able to perform the following functions:

  • Add internal notes
  • Tag the applicant with a thumbs up, thumbs down or red flag
  • Update the applicant’s status
  • Directly message the applicant

Refine Applicant Results with Filters

To narrow your applicant results, click on any of the following filters on the left navigation bar:

  • New Applicants
  • Applicants your team has messaged
  • Applicants your team has tagged with a Thumbs Up
  • Applicants your team has tagged with a Thumbs Down

You may further refine your results by checking the boxes for “Legal to Work in the US”. Note that this status is provided by the applicant.

If you wish to reset filters and see all applicants, click “All.”

Identify Applicants with Icons

Our simple icons provide quick visual aids to help you identify those who your team has had communication with and/or have previously applied to jobs with your company. They are as follows:

  • The "Message" icon indicates there is message correspondence with your team and the applicant.
  • The "Clock" icon indicates the applicant has previously applied to jobs with your business.
  • The "Sticky Note" icon indicates an internal note has been added by our team for the applicant. Adding an internal note is helpful for communicating with your team about an applicant. Applicants are not able to access these notes.
  • The "Thumbs Up" icon indicates that your team has reviewed and is interested in the applicant for this job.
  • The "Thumbs Down" icon indicates that your team has reviewed and is not interested in the applicant for this job.
  • The "Red Flag" icon indicates that your team has added a note to the applicant to reference for the current application as well as on any future applications from the same individual.

In addition to these icons, new applicants are labeled with a green “new” which will appear until your team views the applicant for the first time from the dashboard.

In summary, the features and functions of your Applicant Dashboard will facilitate your hiring process by allowing you to efficiently share information with your team while keeping applicant details and communication consolidated in one place.

Our team is here to help! Contact us for assistance.