Throughout 2021, our team has been focused on cranking out upgrades and new features to best support the hiring needs of hospitality businesses in this new and evolving environment. Highlights for this year's efforts include:


Enhanced Candidate Matching

Queuing up passive candidates to job opportunities is a unique feature of Culinary Agents that benefits job seeking talent and hiring employers. We've made additional upgrades to our Matches, including the ability to filter talent based on their current job search status, applying tags for easy review and sorting of candidates, and automatic removal of candidates you "Pass" on for 90 days for the same position. For more details, click here.

iOS Mobile App for Job Seekers

Culinary Agents Jobs, our free iOS mobile app, was created to make it even easier for hospitality talent to easily discover and apply to jobs on-the-go (and on their phones). For more details, click here.

New Platform Integrations and Partnerships

In 2021, we have built integrations and partnerships with leading Applicant Tracking tools, HRIS Systems and Payroll providers to get your job posts more visibility, making your talent sourcing and recruiting efforts more efficient and cost effective. Enhanced integrations include Indeed, eQuest, JobTarget, Facebook and LinkedIn, among others. For more details, click here.

Data-Driven Skill Recommendations for Effective Job Posts

Based on nearly a decade of job data, we've aggregated the most common skills required for each job title to assist you with creating more effective job posts. Listing skills required on your job posts allows you to level-set expectations with job seekers, ultimately helping them decide if they are qualified to apply. For more details, click here.

Flexible Posting Plan Options

To further serve the fluctuating hiring needs and operations of businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, we expanded our posting plan options to provide more flexible solutions on our self-service platform, which -- in addition to our popular Monthly Subscription Plan and Single Post options -- now include discounted 5 and 10-Post Packs. For more details, click here.

More Reach with Job Boost

For those looking for additional exposure for their job posts, we've added more distribution network partner sites for premium job placements as well as the option to promote jobs to other cities (in addition to the city where the job is located). For more details, click here.