Queuing up passive candidates to job opportunities is a unique feature of Culinary Agents that benefits job seeking talent and hiring employers. Our Matching algorithm was created to help make these connections, based on the jobs businesses post and the experience and skillsets talent bring to the table.


Recently we’ve made additional enhancements to your candidate matching experience:  




Filtering talent by their current job search status

We do our best to provide the most relevant candidate matches for each job posted. We now collect the job search status for talent on a monthly basis (e.g., Actively Looking, Open to Opportunities, Not Looking).


Tagging Matches for easy review and sorting

When accessing your Matches, you can now tag candidates as "Pass", "Review Later" or "Invite to Apply", to make it easier to sort through them.


  • Invite to Apply: When you “Invite to Apply” you are signaling to talent that you are interested in them. Talent will see your invitation in their daily Job Summary Email. As an additional option, you are able to include a note with your invitation, using a templated message or creating a custom one to send by clicking "Customize Invite". 

  • Pass: After reviewing a Match, you may decide they are not a good fit for the job. By clicking “Pass” on a candidate you will not be matched to the individual for the next 90 days for the same position. This tag is to help you stay organized, it is also private and can only be viewed by your team, Matches will not be notified if you select this tag.

  • Review Later: If you are not sure about a Match or are not ready to review them yet, selecting “Review Later” will help you stay organized and make it simple to review when you are ready.

Automatic removal of candidates you "Pass" on

When you tag a Match with “Pass”, this candidate will not appear for 90 days in your matches for the same position.

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