Finding the right job and the right team are incredibly important to making your next career move. In addition to being able to search and easily apply to jobs on our site, our Matching algorithm connects you with hiring employers based on your job preferences and work experience. 


Recently we’ve made additional enhancements to your job matching experience:  



Discover more relevant matches

We do our best to provide you with jobs that would interest you. To do so, you'll be periodically prompted to update your job search status to "Actively Looking", "Open to Opportunities", or "Not Looking". By updating your status, we will be able to better inform hiring employers who are actively recruiting.

View and sort jobs with ease

As new jobs post, we match you to those that may be of interest based on your experience and skills you have added to your profile. When viewing these opportunities, you are able to “Save”, “Pass”, or “Apply Now”. You’ll also receive an email when a business invites you to apply as well as a list of all invites in your daily Job Summary email, which details jobs that businesses have invited you to apply to as well as Matches we have queued up for you.

  • Invited to Apply: You will receive alerts from businesses who have expressed interest in you for a specific job opening they have.

  • Save: You may choose to save a Match for later. By clicking “Save” you’ll be able to easily pull up these jobs when you are ready to review them.

  • Pass: When you tag a Match with Pass, it tells us to not send you jobs for the same position and business for 90 days. This label is private to you and is not shared with the business.

  • Apply Now: If you are interested in a Match, by clicking on “Apply Now” we will take you right to the job posting so that you can easily submit your application.


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