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First things first, to have the best results on our platform - whether you are looking for new career opportunities or hiring for your team - is to create your free personal profile. The more complete your profile is, the better the team at Culinary Agents is able to provide you with relevant information and opportunities. Here is a checklist of the various parts that make your personal profile whole.



The Summary is an introductory paragraph to your profile; consider it your digital elevator pitch. Provide a brief introduction and highlight your areas of expertise (i.e., why you are the best candidate) based on the position you are seeking. Do some research about your dream job and then weave your top credentials into a summary that closely matches its job description.

Work Experience

When filling out your profile, use reverse-chronological order (i.e., most recent at the top). Provide as much detail as possible (e.g., your position, employer name, and the start and end dates) for all of your past work experiences. In the "Roles & Tasks" section describe your responsibilities for each position; use concise statements starting with strong verbs.

  • Vary your starting action verbs to avoid your descriptions from sounding redundant.
  • Use present tense verbs for current jobs and past tense for those actions related to past positions. 


Similar to the "Work Experience" section, present your education timeline in reverse-chronological order (i.e., most recent at the top). Here you can list all of your formal experience, from high school diplomas and GEDs to culinary schools and masters programs. Including details about a high GPA or awards received is a great way to further showcase your past successes.


It's simple to highlight your skills that are relevant to the positions you've held. This section is a list of skills in which you literally check the box, if you 'check the box' and we've separated them into sections to narrow them down even further (e.g., culinary, pastry, wine & beverage, Service, Office & Admin). We recommend checking off all that apply it's common to possess skills that fall into more than one category. 

Certifications & Courses

While a traditional education is not always a pre-requisite for a career in hospitality, specific certifications and courses are encouraged and sometime required. Be sure to list all relevant trainings you've invested in this section. 

Profile Picture (Optional)

Just like a job interview, your first impression matters the most and your photo is an essential part of your Culinary Agents first impression. Here are some tips to help you pick the best photo.

  • Use a Head Shot - Crop wider angle shots to focus on your face. 
  • Wear Professional Attire - Typically, this means a dress shirt, a dress, blazer, or a nice blouse for women; alternative clean crisp chef whites can work too. 
  • Keep it Simple - Your photo should be of you. Avoid objects, pets, other people and busy backgrounds.

Additional Details 

The hospitality industry has so many different opportunities, with each focusing on specific skillsets. The following sections, while optional, are a great way to highlight you as a well-rounded individual and perhaps a glimpse into your other passions in life: Organizations & Volunteer Activity, Interests, and Languages.

Have questions? We are always happy to help, simply email us at [email protected].