Job searching can be tough, and it’s easy to get burnt out after submitting countless resumes for positions that you feel qualified for. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you feel less overwhelmed and yield better results when using Culinary Agents!

Fill out your entire profile

Don’t forget to add your past experiences and other information that may be relevant. Add a professional photo for personal identification, too!

Check off skills

Make sure you are being properly matched to opportunities by selecting all current skills that apply to you in our “Skills” section.

Update your profile

Be sure to keep your profile updated and to add your past experiences, current skills, and other information that may be relevant. 

Submit a cover letter

Adding a little more of a personal touch as to why you want to work at a specific restaurant or for a certain restaurant group will go a long way with hiring managers.

Check your matched jobs weekly

As jobs are posted, you will be continuously matched to them. Check your “Matched Jobs” section for results constantly.

Check out all opportunities in the industry

Remember that you do not have to match to a job to apply. You may find opportunities that you are not matched to by searching via the job search functions. This could lead you to a unique job that you are interested in that's a bit outside of the box!

Utilize the “I Want to Work Here” feature

Don’t see the job you want, but know the restaurants you want to work at or a restaurant group you want to work for? Click the “I Want to Work Here” button, and let an establishment know that they are your top choice.