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"Learning any new language is really an act of bravery. It takes patience, dedication, and willingness to try. Remember that it takes time, just like every other skill you might want to learn. So, when you decide you are ready to learn, dedicate 5 minutes a day to start. Start small if that's what will work best for you." - Rachael Nameth, CEO/Founder of ESL Works in New York City.

NYC Resources:

  • Be Fluent NY - This training program focuses on learning how to engage with people, understanding the culture, and communicating in a natural and organic way. 
  • CLIP - The City Univery of New York's free (but in high demand) immersive and intensive learning program.
  • The English Language Center - LaGuardia Community College's program based in Queens.
  • ESL Works NYC - This program offers work-centered ESL training to the hospitality industry. Through a combination of live on-site and online instruction, employees are taught the language and life skills they need in order to be more confident workers.
  • Global ESL Academy - This Queens-based school provides English language instruction to non-native speakers and helps them learn about and become more comfortable with American culture and customs.
  • Manhattan Language - This program provides English language training programs that are focused, accessible and affordable - all in a friendly, supportive learning environment that familiarizes students with New York culture.
  • The New School - Food + ESL - A program for those looking to professionalize their mastery of the English language.
  • New York English Center - This center trains individuals from all over the world how to become fluent in American English.
  • NYC Adult Education Program - Free day, evening and Saturday courses are available to learn academic skills, job preparation and training.
  • Rennert New York Language School - This school focuses on enhancing the lives of students by providing uniquely enriching language programs for academic, professional, cultural and social purposes. 

Additional Resources:


Note: This list of resources is a small sampling (and a work-in-progress!) of the options that are currently available. If you'd like us to add one that you and/or your team have benefited from, please email us at [email protected]!