The hospitality industry is full of endless possibilities. If you’re looking to advance your career, the work you put in off the clock shows a commitment to not only your team but yourself. Here is a roundup of online classes, scholarships, and industry resources to help you on your journey to becoming an industry superstar.


U.S. Schools with Culinary & Hospitality Programs

The hospitality industry has many inroads to success, including a variety of ways to gain experience and the training needed to get your foot in the door and to lay the foundation for career growth. Getting a degree in your field is one of the many options. Use this resource for searching for schools by state and degree programs. 

Certifications & Training Programs: Culinary (Food Knowledge & Skills)

If you’re looking to advance your career in the culinary field, you are traditionally expected to work your way up from the ground floor through grunt work, persistence, and connections. While the traditional method is still highly revered (and often demanded), as the industry becomes more saturated, it can be highly beneficial to set yourself apart with specialized training or certifications. Types of training will depend on your focus and end goal but can range from degrees or diplomas, post-secondary certificates, apprenticeship training or industry certifications.

Certifications & Training Programs: Beverage

Do you daydream in fields of hops? Wonder if you could wander through Napa like a pro? Feel like turning that side-gig bartending job into a career? There are several paths that can lead you to become a beverage superstar, but getting certified by an industry expert will boost your chances of landing a dream job down each one.

Certifications & Training Programs: Hospitality

There are many career paths available in today's hospitality industry. A certification (or two) in the direction you choose can make a big difference in how hiring managers consider you as a candidate.

Certifications & Training Programs: Continuing Education

Continuing your culinary, safety or hospitality training outside of work shows a commitment to yourself and your craft that employers worldwide will recognize. Luckily, there are many resources to help connect you to classes, scholarships, and additional assistance.

ESL Online Resources for the Hospitality Industry

"English training can strengthen an employee's relationship with his or her coworkers while encouraging self-discipline and self-awareness. It can broaden cultural identities, develop professional and academic fortitude, and lead to increased opportunities in the workplace." - Rachael Nemeth, CEO/Founder of ESL Works in New York City

Online Resources for Personal Growth

Following your passion can be challenging if you're not really sure what said passion is. Taking some time for self-discovery can help you hone in on what lights up your world and get you on the road to developing your passion. In addition to the classic Myers Briggs analysis, here are some resources for taking a deeper dive into understanding what makes you tick.

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