Have the travel itch?  Daydreaming about a different pace of life? The “Willing to Relocate” Feature can help! 

Whether you’re just interested in exploring new opportunities or you are dead set on making the next big move in your life, updating your Culinary Agents profile can help set the wheels in motion! We’ve added a Job Preference Feature to match where you want to live with career opportunities. Once you’ve made the quick update, we’ll match you to opportunities in the cities in which you’re willing to relocate. 

How to update your relocation preferences:

  1. Log into your Personal Profile on culinaryagents.com
  2. Click on your image (upper right corner) for the dropdown menu
  3. Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu
  4. Select “Job Preference” tab
  5. Update your Location Preference

Culinary Agents Feature: Wiling To Relocate