Take advantage of these free tools to further optimize your job search experience on our site:


Download the Culinary Agents Jobs iOS App

Easily discover and apply to jobs on-the-go (and on your phones) with our mobile app for job seekers. (Android version coming soon!)


Update Your Job Search Status

Updating your current job search status allows us to proactively send relevant job openings to you as well as match your profile to specific employers who are hiring for roles based on your experience.


Personalize Your Job Matches

If you are actively (or passively) looking for employment, turning on the Job Matching feature (i.e., our AI recommendation engine) can save you time and help you discover new employers.
    • Update your Job Match Settings

      • Go to “Job Preferences”
      • Go to the "Job Matching Section" section
      • Select the appropriate "Do you want to match to jobs?" option
      • Click “Save”
    • View your Personalized Matches

Create Job and Event Alerts

Get newly posted opportunities (e.g., jobs, open calls, etc.) sent to your inbox or mobile app daily based on your preferences.

Pro-tip: Alerts are a great tool to use in tandem with Job Matching.


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    • Go to your “Settings and Privacy” by clicking on your avatar on the top.
    • Select "Notifications" from the side menu.
    • Click on the individual notification sections (e.g., Messages, Jobs, Events, Networking, Marketplace, Newsletter) to adjust your preferences.