At Culinary Agents we strive to give you the best job search experience possible. Ultimately, we want to help you move to the next stage of your career by making it easy for you to discover jobs and connect with potential employers. Updating your Job Search Status on your profile helps us better support your job search and provide you with the most relevant opportunities.

Why it is important to keep my Job Search Status up-to-date?

Indicating your current job search status allows us to proactively send relevant job openings to you as well as match your profile to specific employers who are hiring for roles based on your experience.

What options can I choose from when updating my Job Search Status?

Currently you may select from one of the following status options:

  • Actively Looking - You’re actively looking for work and ready to interview.
  • Open to Opportunities - You’re not actively looking, but open to learning about new opportunities.
  • Not Looking - You are not looking and prefer not to be updated about new opportunities.


  • "Actively Looking" job seekers are more likely to catch an employer's eye! If you select "Actively Looking" you will receive monthly auto-reminders every 30 days when you are on the website, to remind you to you update your status.
  • If you select “Not Looking” as your status, you will not appear in employer passive candidate lists nor will you be notified of opportunities that you match to.

How do I update my Job Search Status?

  1. Click on "Settings and Privacy" from your dropdown menu - You can also update on your Personal Settings
  2. Click on “Job Preferences
  3. Go to the "Job Search Status" section (at the top of the page)
  4. Select your preferred “Job Search Status” option
  5. Click “Save”

CulinaryAgents - How to update Job Search Status