After months of closures and limited operations, restaurants are beginning to reopen across the country and hire for their teams. Here are five action items you can do now to help you get hired post-COVID-19.


Update Your Profile

Now is the time to update your profile, before restaurants start posting job opportunities (e.g., line cook, server, bartender). Your profile updates will ensure you are applying to jobs with your current information and will help our matching technology connect you to other job opportunities at restaurants that have begun to reopen.

Pro-tip: Fill in all your missing details, add relevant work experiences, and update any skills or techniques that you have mastered. 

Reach Out Proactively

Our "I Want To Work Here" function connects you directly to hiring managers. Sending a thoughtful message highlighting your skills and why you are eager to work for their business can help get your foot in the door even before a restaurant begins to reopen or has posted jobs. 
Pro-tip: Send your “I Want To Work Here” messages in advance. Then, when businesses are ready to hire, they’ll already have your information for consideration.

Activate Job & Event Alerts

Creating Job and Event Alerts will ensure you receive the latest post-COVID-19 career opportunities and hiring events when they become available.

  • To set up Job Alerts, simply perform a search via the Jobs page and then click the “Create Job Alert” button to save the specific search.
  • To set up Event Alerts, go to the Events page and click the “Create Event Alert” button, then you’ll be able to select specific cities and the type of events (e.g., hiring events, open calls, etc.) for which you want to receive information.

Create a Cover Letter

Your cover letter is the perfect way for you to customize each application you send, so take the time now to work on it. 
Pro-tip: If you are experiencing writers' block, here are some pointers to help you get started. 

Prepare For Your Interview 

Acing your interview is the last step to landing a new, post-pandemic job. While your first interview may not be in-person, it is still an opportunity to show how you are compatible with the existing team and culture. 
  • For video interviews, test out the software (and check for any updates) in advance for your scheduled interview.
  • Have your device turned on and ready 30 minutes before to avoid last-minute scrambling.
  • While this interview may not be in-person, it is important to look neat and professional on camera.
  • Try to find a quiet place for the interview with a simple background to avoid distractions during the interview.