Here's a list of common ceritications and degrees for hospitality roles.

For job seekers: Consider referencing this list to help you showcase your own experience on your resume or Culinary Agents profile.

For employers: When hiring, you can reference this list to hone in on the top skills you are seeking when it comes to required experience for each position you would like to fill.

• Agriculture Degree

• Baking and Pastry Arts Degree

• Certificates and Degrees

• Crop Advisor Certification

• Enology Degree

• Finance Degree

• Food and Beverage Management Degree

• Food Handler Certificate

• Food Science Degree

• Hospitality Management Degree

• Pesticide Applicator License

• REHS Certification

• Servesafe Certified

• SQF Certification

• Supply Chain Management Degree

• TIPS Certified

• Viticulture Degree

• WSET Certification


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