Based on "I Want To Work Here" submissions in 2023, here is the top 25 list of individual businesses that collected the most submissions last year in Washington, DC.

Our "I Want To Work Here" feature allows talent to drop off their digital resumes and directly message hiring teams about their interests, regardless if there are any current job openings. This feature also helps businesses build out their recruiting pipeline and to connect with talent who they otherwise may have missed or overlooked. 

Important note: This data is based on the "I Want To Work Here" submissions sent to businesses with profiles on the Culinary Agents platform. Submissions are completely voluntary and there is no cost to activate this feature, it can be turned on/off at any time by the business. 

  1. El Presidente
  2. Pastis - DC
  3. The Dabney
  4. Petite Cerise
  5. Rose's Luxury
  6. Bresca & Jônt
  7. Bar Spero
  8. Le Diplomate
  9. The Duck & The Peach
  10. Pineapple and Pearls
  11. Hank's Oyster Bar The Wharf
  12. Little Pearl
  13. ilili DC
  14. Albi
  15. Xiquet
  16. Tail Up Goat
  17. Fiola Mare
  18. Cranes Spanish Kaiseki
  19. Jônt
  20. Yellow
  21. Yarzin Sella WDC
  22. The Red Hen
  23. Reveler's Hour
  24. Fiola
  25. Del Mar