Our "I Want To Work Here" feature allows talent to drop off their digital resumes and directly reach hiring managers about their interest, regardless if there are any current job openings. On the flip side, businesses also benefit from this feature, as it allows them to build out their talent pipeline and to connect with talent that they otherwise might have missed or overlooked (e.g., those willing to relocate, students, etc.). 

Based on nearly 17,000 submissions in 2019 ( approximately 59,000 since the feature was introduced), here is this year's top 50 list of individual businesses and groups who collected the most "I Want To Work Here" submissions.

Fun Fact: We delayed this feature's launch while we searched for a shorter and catchier name. At the end of the day "I Want to Work Here" was the perfect way to explain this feature.

Important note: This data is based on the "I Want To Work Here" submissions sent to businesses with profiles on the Culinary Agents platform. 

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