Knowing what to do in case of an Anaphylaxis allergic reaction is essential for your entire team. Here are steps to take if a customer appears to be – or tells you – they are experiencing an allergic reaction:

  • Designate a team member to call 911; be sure to specifically request an ambulance with Epinephrine for an allergic reaction.
  • Notify the manager on duty.
  • If available, use an epinephrine autoinjector by pressing it into the person's thigh. Most people with severe allergies carry an "Epipen" with them.
  • Make sure the person is lying down and elevate his or her legs. If it's hard for them to breathe or they are vomiting, they can sit up or lie on their side.
  • Check the person's pulse and breathing; if necessary, administer CPR or other first-aid measures.

Additional information about food allergies: