With ever-changing culinary trends, paper thin margins, no shows (seriously?!?), and hours that suggest Dolly Parton retitle her signature song to “Working 9 to 3 (AM)”, running a restaurant is certainly a challenging endeavor. Luckily you’re not alone; thousands of hours of help are just a download away. Here are seven podcasts to help you find the answers to the questions that you didn’t know you had.


Restaurant Unstoppable

Restaurant Unstoppable was started by Eric Cacciatore to "inspire, empower and transform restaurant owners and operators around the world". The stories, ideas, knowledge, values, energy, recommendations, and mentorship from proven successful restaurateurs make this a great podcast to add to your daily commute. In addition to the show, Eric also features books and resources to help get your restaurant up and running.

Secret Sauce - Restaurant Marketing Podcast

James Eling and his Secret Sauce delivers tips to help ease the not-so-easy task of restaurant marketing. This podcast includes advice on everything from email marketing and SEO refreshers to direct mail and Instagram engagement. The ideas, strategies and tactics from worldwide restaurant marketing experts will new light on different ways to bring customers through your door in a fun and easily accessible way.

How I Built This

The art of the hustle is universal to all entrepreneurs - in the restaurant business and beyond. On How I Built This, Guy Raz talks with entrepreneurs, including many successful businesses in the food space (e.g., Five Guys, Chipotle, WholeFoods). The innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists featured on Raz’s show discuss their triumphs, mistakes and daily struggles as they created their businesses, many of which have since become some of the nation’s best brands.

The Eater Upsell

While The Eater Upsell won’t necessarily answer a question you might have, it will entertain you and get your wheels moving early, as it pairs nicely with your morning coffee. Hosted by Greg Morabito and Helen Rosner, Eater's flagship podcast covers food news, restaurant culture and industry trends. The weekly show’s energy is great, plus you can expect some of the food world's most interesting people to stop by and talk shop (and/or shamelessly gossip).

Smart Pizza Marketing

Named one of the top restaurant experts to follow for the last two years, Bruce Irving is the marketing visionary and host of the weekly Smart Pizza Marketing podcast. On his weekly show, Irving discusses branding, marketing, and restaurant performance. He offers tips and tools, all through the eye of a big pizza pie. Irving’s “amore” for marketing makes this podcast entertaining and helpful, even if your dishes aren’t served by the slice.

Restaurant Rockstars

With episode titles like “Why You Should Add Scorpions To Your Menu” and “One Foot From Disaster, My Journey To Wild Success”, Restaurant Rockstars provides a plan to increase your customer service as well as your bottomline. Roger Beaudoin’s Restaurant Rockstars focuses on helping restaurateurs build successful business practices and maintain a solid hospitality team. This podcast is a treasure trove of outstanding weekly interviews, tips, tools, and advice from industry leading entrepreneurs and restaurant professionals.

Social Media Examiner

ReGrams, stories, livestream, influencers, flossing ... the list of things only kids understand changes daily and keeping up can seem like a full time job. Luckily for the last five years Michael Stelzner and the Social Media Examiner team have been helping their followers improve their digital footprint with two weekly audio podcasts full of new strategies, tactics, actionable tips from leading social media marketing pros. Along with shows like “Instagram Stories Strategy: How to Make Stories That Benefit Your Business” the SME has tons of articles that will keep you from putting an ad for a social media ninja in your local high school newspaper.

This compilation is a small sampling (and a work-in-progress!). If you'd like us to add one that you and/or your team use, please email us at [email protected]!