The end of December, marks another year in the books of extraordinary times. With a smorgasbord of topics this year, here is the roundup of our top ten most-read articles of 2021. The list reflects what our industry has been focused on as well as optimistic glimmers of the opportunities and new version of normalcy that we all eagerly await.


7 Chef-Focused Podcasts for Your Commute

Whether you're a seasoned chef or just dipping your toe into the culinary world. Here are seven podcasts to help you gain the perspectives of others who call this industry home to provide inspiration, motivation or perhaps just some ideas for contemplation.

7 Must-Read Books Recommended by Hospitality Leaders

Consider one of these must-reads to inspire you as we approach the wintery months, a time when settling into hibernation mode may afford you some extra time on your hands.

Certificates & Education

Here's a list of common ceritications and degrees for hospitality roles. Consider referencing this list to help you showcase your own experience on your resume or Culinary Agents profile.

How-to: Showcase Your Front of House Skills When Applying to Jobs

There are lessons learned, skills acquired and experiences gained in each position you hold throughout your career, all of which you can prove invaluable to your future success. Yet when you've been working in hospitality for years, you may lose sight of how you can transfer the skills you have already mastered to a new position or environment. You may find it equally challenging to translate those skills into a language that can be applied to other roles or even other industries.


[COVID-19] Neighborhood Restaurant and Bar Grant Program 101

The devoted team at the Independent Restaurant Coalition continues to provide key information and updates about legislation which impacts (and supports!) the hospitality industry's survival. In this article, we've shared excerpts from the organization's website about the recent news and relief grants for the industry.

5 Documentaries About the Culinary World Worth Streaming

For that next day off when you don't feel like doing much at all, here a list of culinary-related documentaries (and docuseries) to keep your brain stimulated while you enjoy some down time.

Cross-Functional Skills

Here's a list of common cross-functional skills for hospitality roles. Consider referencing this list to help you showcase your own experience on your resume or Culinary Agents profile.


How-to: Showcase Your Back of House Skills When Applying to Jobs

Passion, learning, personal development and giving back are among the most common drivers of why people choose to work in the hospitality industry. When you’ve been heads down in the weeds for a long time it's understandable to start feeling burnt out and even start to lose sight of what you’re working towards and why. Here are some suggestions on how you can speak to the skills you possess when at your next job interview or refreshing your resume.

11 Wine-Centric Podcasts

The wine world is vast and as a result can sometimes seem daunting, especially when you don't know where to start. Here's a list of wine-centric podcasts that make learning about wine digestible and even entertaining.

2021 New York Michelin Star Winners

Chefs and restaurant operators this past year have bounded over many hurdles. Congratulations to the Michelin 2021 winners in New York!