Before writing a great cover letter and acing your interview or trail, an essential element of the job application process, whether you are applying for a Front or Back of House position, is your resume. Here are five areas to include in your resume.


Contact Information

Your contact information should be located at the top of your resume and include your name, phone number, email, and mailing address. Make sure that everything is up to date and professional — this means updating your email from [email protected] to something that looks more professional.
Pro-tip: Review your email address for professionalism. Opt for an email address that includes your name and avoid one that includes nicknames or slang. If you do have a less formal-sounding email address, consider creating a new one for job applications – there are many free options to do so (e.g., Google, Yahoo, etc.) and it is quick to setup.


The Summary is an introductory paragraph to your resume and should answer the question, “why are you the best candidate?”
Pro-tip: Spend the time to create 1-3 sentences, as keeping this section succinct is key; consider it your 'elevator pitch' on paper.

Work Experience

When filling out your resume, list your previous work experience, starting with your most recent job at the top of the section (i.e., reverse-chronological order). Provide details about your employer's name, previous position, and as well as the start and end dates for all of your past work experiences. Below each of your previous positions, describe your responsibilities using concise statements starting with strong verbs.
  • Keep formatting consistent for each work experience listed (e.g., date, location, etc.).
  • Vary your starting action verbs to avoid your descriptions from sounding redundant or monotonous.
  • Use present tense verbs for current jobs and past tense for those actions related to past positions.


Similar to the "Work Experience" section, present your education timeline in reverse-chronological order, providing information about your schools, including name, degree received, and your start and graduation dates. 
Pro-tip: Include details that highlight your accomplishments (e.g., a high GPA, awards/honors received) to help your resume stand out.


Based on your ideal job description, list 6-8 of your most relevant skills. Make sure to include a mix of technical qualifications and interpersonal talents.
If you are having trouble knowing where to start, your free Culinary Agents' profile can be exported as your resume, so make sure you have filled it out completely. You can also use your profile, in lieu of a resume, when applying to jobs on Culinary Agents. Plus, the more information you include in your profile the better we are able to provide you with relevant information and notify you of career opportunities that match your skillset and interests.