Some lessons are best learned through experience. These seven chefs shared some tips of kitchen etiquette and demeanor as well as overall advice on what they’ve learned that have helped make their kitchens into productive, well-oiled machines.

Listen More, Speak Less

“I learned the importance of shutting up, and listening early in kitchens. One can not listen when talking.”
- Jamie Bissonette, Chef and Partner at Toro, Coppa and Little Donkey

Passion is Everything

“Have passion for what you do, integrity in what you create, and the knowledge to be able to explain it to others.”
- James Kent, Executive Chef at The NoMad 

Remember All of The Senses

“I learned early on in my career that people will always eat with their eyes, so food has to look pretty. But ultimately, what is going to stick is "did it taste good?" That should be your main focus.”
- Monica Glass, Corporate Pastry Chef at Starr Catering Group

Education is Everywhere

“Be open to lessons in the most unlikely of places. Not all cooking techniques are learned in the professional kitchen, and not all inspiration comes from fancy restaurants.”
- Vivian Howard, Chef at Chef & The Farmer

Teamwork is Key

"Help out your team. When one person goes down the entire team does. We are a family, we celebrate wins and comfort each other in loses. This extends outside of the kitchen."
- Kevin Fink, Executive Chef and Owner of Emmer and Rye

It's All About the Little Things

“ Don’t ever think you are too good or above doing the small jobs. Be it taking the twist ties off the delivered linen hangers, to straighten a frame on the wall, to un-jamming all the ice in the top of the ice machine...these are all things that I've seen Chef Keller do when he comes to the Bakery.”
- Alessandra Altieri, Director of Bouchon Bakery 

You Start Over Everyday

“The restaurant industry is rare in that unlike other arts, you start over everyday. You do not cut an album, take a photo, create a building, or paint a painting and it lives on for people to enjoy, for a very long time just as you created the first time. Everyday we wake up and start from scratch, and everyday we have the opportunity to hit the homerun or strike out. It is that challenge, risk taking, constant window for failure or gratification that fuels all of us.”
- Grant Achatz, Chef and Owner of The Alinea Group