Ever wish you could get a peek into what a hiring manager is really looking for before your interview even starts? We asked industry leaders across the country what they look for when hiring and more often than not, these leaders are looking way past the paper and into the character of the talent they are interviewing. Genuine warmth, good work ethic, and humbleness are just a few of the traits that help land the job.


Hire People Not Positions

“I hire people, not positions. I interview constantly. I find a good egg and then I figure out where they will be happy.”
- Graceanne Jordan, Former Director of Operations for Craft Restaurant Group

Many Characteristics Cannot be Taught

“When I am hiring or mentoring, I look for specific characteristics that cannot be taught: self-motivation, genuine warmth, and inherent hospitality. I also look for someone who will push themselves to their limits and then allows you to push them even further.”
- Angela Neri, General Manager at Alfred's Steakhouse

Years of Experience are Not Always Necessary

“Some positions require skilled people, but what I really look for is what’s in their hearts and in their minds. That triumphs experience in my book.”
- Alex Seidel, Executive Chef, Proprietor and Farmer of Mercantile Dining & Provisions

You Don't Know Everything

“When hiring, I look for humbleness, willingness to learn from others, and well-organized people with a great smile.”
- Daniel Toral, Wine Director of 50 Eggs, Inc.

Be Excited!

“When hiring, I look for polite, professional, well dressed, and self-confident candidates who are able to look me straight in the eye. I also want them to be excited!”
- Wendy Kallergis, President and CEO of Greater Miami & The Beaches Association

Communication is Key

“When hiring, I look for how developed your abilities are to listen and communicate.”
- Anthony Strong, Former Executive Chef at Delfina Restaurant Group

You Must Have a Good Work Ethic

“I always look for a good attitude and work ethic. These folks require more of my time on the front end but yield great results long term.”
- Matthew McClure, Executive Chef of The Hive at 21C Museum Hotel