From advice for having a successful shift to tips on improving food costs, we covered a lot of topics in 2019 in the hopes of providing insights, inspiration and practical ways for you to advance your career in the hospitality industry. Here is our roundup of the top seven articles of 2019 according to our community!


Pre-Shift Stretches to Feel Good & Help Prevent Injuries

While a double on the floor or thirteen hours on the line may never get easier, there are some simple stretches that you can do to get your body ready for the day and help prevent injuries at work. 

Female Hospitality Leaders Reflect on the Best Career Advice They Received

Long before they took on their roles in shaping the future of the restaurant industry, these female leaders were on the line and in the weeds. Here are the sage words of wisdom given to them earlier in their careers that still resonate today.

Ask An Expert: Pre-Shift Lineups for Successful Service

Hospitality entrepreneur and founder of Rockey’s Milk Punch, Eamon Rockey, shares what you need for a successful pre-shift meeting for your dining service team, often referred to as "Lineup", along with some pro-tips on how to empower your team with the information and mindset necessary to have a successful service - plus, a free template to download to create your own lineup!

Ask An Expert: Food Costing 201 with Jonathan Benno

Food costs are 25--35% of every dollar of food sales, according to recent industry stats. Jonathan Benno and Ben Cianciosi, his Chef de Cuisine at Leonelli Restaurants, share food costing insights, beyond the basics, for decision-makers of the restaurant team.

Overcoming Shyness as a Server

Depending on your personality and level of experience, the idea of interacting with strangers may sound terrifying -- it may also be keeping you from earning larger tips, interacting with your coworkers, or possibly preventing you from advancing in your career. If you feel shyness is holding you back, try these five ways to help gain the confidence needed to break out of your shell.

Tips for Improving Your Tableside Manner

Along with overcoming shyness, interacting with a new table is a skill you can learn and develop over time. Here are areas to focus on when working on your tableside manner.

How-to: Handle a Wrong Order During Service

Depending on the size and the type of service, a moderately busy team can serve between 700 and 1400 covers a week. Despite your best efforts, with so many moving parts, mistakes can happen. When situations do arise, focus on fixing the error as quickly and seamlessly as possible.