It's no secret that the hospitality industry can break even the toughest among us at times. In hopes of preventing (or at least relieving) your holiday seasonal stress, here are suggestions to help you keep from burning out -- that don't include a hangover.



No matter how you choose to unwind, it will be difficult to do if you are still dealing with emails from purveyors, texts about shift swaps and other requests. Avoid bringing work home with you -- if not the entire night, try switching off for a couple hours. Utilize your phone's "do not disturb" feature (both iOS and Androids have one) and reduce how often you log into your company email. Those emails and messages will be there waiting for you after you've had some time to decompress (i.e., when you head back to the restaurant in six hours). 

Wash the Stress Away 

The best way to forget about the last 10 hours of standing over a hot stove and battling the weeds is to literally wash it away. A long hot shower will help your muscles relax and calm your mind. If you're feeling a bit down, try a cold one --  shower that is -- to increase the dopamine levels in your brain. Also, shower time can allow your mind to wander, possibly surfacing the solution you've been looking for all day.


Clear Your Mind

Meditation has been proven to boost health, happiness, eliminate negative energy, and empty your mind of stress. If you’ve never meditated before, Spotify has a guided meditation section to assist with clearing, centering, and slowing down your racing mind. Meditating can also be a great way to get ready on your way into work, providing a constructive use of your time during delays on your daily commute.


Hit the Gym

Work off your last shift, literally. Whether you go on a long run, stretch out on your yoga mat, or go beast-mode at the gym, exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you feel good. If it's too late to hit up the gym when you get off work, try some in-home movement. There are tons of apps and online options to choose from, plus some are free!


Get a Massage

Standing on your feet all day can wreak havoc on the muscles in your back, neck, feet, and legs, and a massage may be exactly what you need. The physical pressure applied can reduce muscle contractions, relax tendons and ligaments, and encourages the release of dopamine. If it’s good enough for the Wagyu Ribeye you’ve been grilling all night, it’s good enough for you.

Have other healthy ways to unwind? Share them with us via email, [email protected]. We'd love to know!