Your Employer Brand embodies your business's reputation as a place to work. Similar to how your brand attracts customers, your employer brand is a key component to recruit talent for hire. Having a positive employer branding is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent who will ultimately help your business grow and prosper.


Your Recruitment Marketing Funnel

Your recruitment marketing funnel is a key method for measuring the effectiveness of your Employer Brand. This funnel illustrates talent engagement with your business through the various stages of the application process. 

The Employer Branding Report allows you to see and measure your business’s recruitment marketing efforts on the Culinary Agents platform. The report allows you to simply measure how many people are in your funnel at each stage, and what percentage of applicants move down the funnel to the next stage.


Recruitment Marketing Funnel - Culinary Agents





Talent being exposed to your business as an employer


Talent expressing interest by viewing your job post descriptions and/or employer pages


Talent considering working for your business based on site engagement (e.g., saving a job)


Talent applying to work for your business (via your Job Posts or "I Want to Work Here" submissions)

Your Employer Branding Report

Before you know where and how to make improvements, an understanding of how your business is doing is essential. The Employer Branding Report allows you to measure your recruitment marketing efforts and create benchmarks.


To access your Employer Branding Report:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on “My Business”
  3. Click on “Employer Branding” on the black navigation bar
  4. Select a business to view Employer Branding Report


Improving Your Employer Brand

Over time, you generally want to grow awareness of your Employer Brand and to increase the number of candidates who move to the next stage in the funnel.

Pro-tip: To increase awareness of your employer brand, consider boosting your job posts for additional exposure.


Building a strong employer brand is an important investment for any business. Here are couple key questions to ask yourself as you consider making changes to improve the effectiveness of your Employer Brand:

  • Is my brand recognition strong?

    Pro-tip: Update your profile to make it easier for talent to learn about your business; add a logo, images to your gallery, links to your website and social media channels

  • Are my job descriptions enticing to candidates and getting them to apply?

    Pro-tip: In addition to core job requirements, include information about your company culture, benefits and employee perks.