James Beard Award Winning Chefs know a thing or two about succeeding in the industry. With the 2017 Awards just around the corner, these past winners dish up what they've learned over the years to get where they are today as industry leaders.

I learned the importance of shutting up, and listening early in kitchens. One can not listen when talking.

Jamie Bissonnette, Chef and Partner of Toro and Coppa, Little Donkey in Boston and Toro in New York

You can’t read people’s minds. Learn to ask for help when you need it. You will never get anything unless you ask for it.

Barbara Lynch, Chef and Owner of Barbara Lynch Gruppo in Boston

The restaurant industry is exciting, dynamic and ever changing. It became clear to me at a young age that in order to be successful, like in most things in life, it requires an immense amount of dedication, patience, study and practice. A chef I once worked for said to me: “it is a marathon, not a sprint" and as I continue on with my career this seems to become more and more true.

Grant Achatz, Chef and Owner of The Alinea Group in Chicago

We strive for speed and consistency as chefs, but sometimes that quest to be the fastest and the best trips us up the most. I have learned the hard way, as the saying goes, “haste makes waste.”

Johnny Iuzzini, Executive Pastry Chef and Owner of Sugar Fueled inc

A sous chef I once worked for told me to take a job to learn for the experience, not for the money. The money will come, but the foundation will slip away quickly if you do not take your formative years to build your base.

Gavin Kaysen, Executive Chef and Owner of Spoon and Stable in Minneapolis

Chef Floyd Cardoz always reminded me and others that you need to cook from the heart. It is important to be passionate with every dish you put out. It instills in us why we do what we do and you can taste it in the food.

Dan Kluger, Chef and Owner at Loring Place in New York City

One of my old bosses told me "if you want to be a chef, you have to think like a chef and if you want to be an owner, you need to think like an owner." It has always stuck with me.

Michael Solmonov, Partner and Chef of Cook N Solo Restaurants in Philadelphia

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