Try these free tools on to help you take that next step in your career.


Update Your Job Search Status

Updating your current job search status allows us to proactively send relevant job openings to you as well as match your profile to specific employers who are hiring for roles based on your experience.

Highlight Your Skills

Your Culinary Agents profile can be used in lieu of a traditional resume to easily apply to jobs with a few clicks. With employers more focused on skills when hiring, make sure yours are listed on your profile. Once you've added skills to your profile you can then choose the top ones you'd like to be highlighted so that they appear first.

Review and Sort Your Matches

As new jobs post, we match you to those that may be of interest based on your experience and skills you have added to your profile. When viewing these opportunities, you are able to “Save”, “Pass”, or “Apply Now”.
Pro-tip: When you tag a Match with Pass, it tells us to not send you jobs for the same position and business for 90 days.

Create Alerts

Get newly posted opportunities (e.g., jobs, open calls, etc.) sent to your inbox or mobile app daily based on your preferences.

Pro-tip: Alerts are a great tool to use in tandem with Job Matching.


Download the Culinary Agents Jobs iOS App

Get notifications on your phone and easily apply to jobs on-the-go with our mobile app. (Android version coming soon!)