Your Culinary Agents profile allows you to curate and update your personal brand online in a professional and streamlined format that makes it easy for employers to view a snapshot of your prior experience and evolving skill set.


Control Your Online Narrative

Setting up (and updating) your Culinary Agents profile can help create a polished and professional online presence that is easily accessible to potential employers. The more complete your profile is, the better our team at Culinary Agents is able to provide you with relevant information and opportunities.

Pro-tip: Use this checklist for setting up your profile.

Customize Your Experience

Update your Job Preferences to receive notifications about opportunities that most align with your career interests.

Pro-tip: Go to your “Settings & Privacy” page to update your Job Settings, including details related to Job Matching, Willing to Relocate and Job Alerts.

Keep Your Details Current

For optimal job matching and invitations from hiring managers, make sure to keep your job search status up-to-date.

Pro-tip: Update your job search status and your profile details when things change.