In this hi-tech, digital age we are all living in, it is still critical to make a great first impression when applying to a job - both on and offline. Here are some ways to help you shine when you are applying to jobs via


Keep Your Profile Updated

When you have mastered new skills and/or have new work experiences, make sure to update your Culinary Agents' profile! These details can go a long way when employers are reviewing your application. Doing so will also help us better match you to job opportunities.

Create Job & Event Alerts

When searching jobs on, create Job and Event Alerts. Also, make sure your Email Preferences are set so that you will receive emails when new opportunities post on the platform that match jobs of interest to you.

Add a Cover Letter

Create a personalized cover letter for each application. Be sure to use the name of the business and the position for which you are applying. Highlight your accomplishments and strengths that you feel make you an ideal candidate for the position. Always proofread your message before sending - doing so multiple times is encouraged.

Be Professional

Be selective with your words. Choose them wisely, avoiding slang terms and abbreviations in your correspondence with potential employers. Always include a formal greeting and closing to each message.

Get Noticed

Be proactive and persistent. Seek out selected employer(s) and reach out to them directly. Thoughtfully approach cover letters and applications by inserting snippets of your research in and highlighting why you are eager to work for them. You can also send messages via the "I Want To Work Here" feature.