Congratulations to The 2020 Chicago Michelin Star winners! This year's list includes 25 starred restaurants. If you are looking for an opportunity to work with a Michelin-starred team, check out these current opportunities!


Three Stars

Alinea (Chicago)


Two Stars

Acadia (Chicago)

Oriole (Chicago)

Smyth (Chicago)


One Stars

Band of Bohemia (Chicago)

Blackbird (Chicago)

Boka (Chicago)

El Ideas (Chicago)

Elizabeth (Chicago)

Elske (Chicago)

Entente (Chicago)

Everest (Chicago)

Goosefoot (Chicago)

Kikkō (Chicago)

Mako (Chicago)

Next (Chicago)

North Pond (Chicago)

Omakase Yume (Chicago)

Parachute (Chicago)

Schwa (Chicago)

Sepia (Chicago)

Spiaggia (Chicago)

Temporis (Chicago)

Topolobampo (Chicago)

Yūgen (Chicago)