Whether you are one to make, break or loathe resolutions, self-care is always a great idea, albeit often a hard one to rationalize investing in. In case you've considered dipping your toes into these healthier waters, here is a list of online resources to explore the subject and maybe even help you resolve to making some lifestyle shifts. 


Recognize the Importance of Self-Care

These short videos of TedTalks by a variety of experts offer simple ways to stay healthy — both emotionally and physically.

Stay Positive

This free app sends daily texts to help you manage your stress and anxiety, providing an easy way to inject positivity into your everyday and nurture your mental health.

Become More Mindful

While the positive effects of meditation have been known for centuries, you might be new to the practice. Now with recent studies showing that even just a few minutes a day can make a difference, consider downloading one of the many apps that can help you start reaping the benefits (e.g., Smiling Mind, Stop, Breathe and Think, Waking Up).

Go to Sobriety School

Recovery is finally catching up with technology in 2020. If you're worried about your drinking and/or you feel it's keeping you from living the best version of yourself, check out the online support available on Tempest's Sobriety School, including a free sobriety toolbox.

Set Micro Goals

Grandiose resolutions, while very alluring, can feel intimidating and are often abandoned quickly after they are set. Consider setting smaller goals to get you on the road to success with a goal tracking app (e.g., Way of Life, Habitica, Coach.me).