Burnout is commonplace in the hospitality industry. Add the busyness of the holiday season and for some it could feel inevitable. When taking care of others tends to trump taking care of yourself, remember to make sure everyone on your team takes a breather and that taking care of yourself is paramount. Here are some ways industry leaders weather the hustle and avoid burnout.

"People often look outside of work for ways to not burn out. I try to create the kind of moments inside the restaurants that energize me instead of the ones that deplete me — it’s the entire thesis of my book, “Unreasonable Hospitality.” If you create a culture where you and your team have the permission and resources to go above and beyond in fun, creative and unreasonable ways for one another and the people who you serve, that is one of the most energizing things you can do."

– Will Guidara, Restaurateur & Author of "Unreasonable Hospitality"

"I acknowledge burnout when I can feel it coming on. I postponed a back surgery a few years ago because it was right before Thanksgiving, and I knew I needed to be at work. I caused irreparable damage because of that, and I regret it daily. So now I make a point of never letting work take priority over my health, whether physical or mental."

Katherine Rushing, Owner of Briny Swine Smokehouse & Oyster Bar and Ella & Ollie’s

"To avoid burnout, I spend time with my family. We have young children and I have a place in the country. I also enjoy good wine and tasting things, but try to be very careful about what I put into my body."

Daniel Boulud, Chef / Owner of The Dinex Group

“I have had to deal with burnout. Can you imagine working 16-hour days for three years and not dealing with burnout? Finding inspiration every day, connecting with your team and friends who are not in the industry, creating a healthy routine, and taking breaks when you can, are the ways I've (somewhat!) kept my sanity during these unprecedented times.”

Téa Ivanovic, Co-Founder & COO of Immigrant Food

“It’s all about balance. Balancing work-life with family life has helped me avoid burning out. Setting aside quality time for family activities, to workout, to read, gives me time for myself.”

Kim Nguyen, Owner of Third Coast Restaurant Group