Emotional resilience is how we are able to manage stress and regulate our reactions and responses. Working on your emotional resilience may better equip you for when stress pops up. Here are some ways to start honing it to help to combat stressful times.


Notice Yourself

Stress happens to everyone. Take the time to check in with yourself and observe your feelings. Acknowledging when you feel stress is a crucial step to alleviating it.

Start Small

When you find a challenge that you are facing feels overwhelming, see if you can break it down into smaller parts. Then brainstorm how you can tackle each one.

Be Open To Change

Change is often inevitable, so instead of resisting it, see if you can find the positive aspects of what is new - after all, not all change is bad, even if it feels hard.

Create An Emotional Toolkit

Once you are able to identify your triggers and/or when you feel stress coming on, take note of what healthy activities help you find a sense of calm. Not sure where to start? Try something to bring you back to the present moment, like going for a walk, meditating, listening to music, a hobby you love or even try an app.

Be Your Own Biggest Fan

How you view yourself matters. Practice self-love, incorporate daily affirmations and take the time to celebrate your wins to boost your self-confidence. Doing so might even allow you to cut yourself some slack when things go awry.

Disclaimer: Details in this article are not a subsistute for assesment and treatment by a mental health professional.