Regardless of what camp you are in when it comes to setting New Year's resolutions, goals are always a good idea - whether it be working towards healthy habits, steering your career in a new direction or anything in between. With January typically a quieter month for the hospitality industry, we wanted to share some free mobile apps that might be helpful for when you have a little extra time to start planning for what you want next.



ClickUp is an app to help you juggle your tasks, docs, goals and more in one place. If you find you feel yourself getting overwhelmed by a big goal, this app allows you to break it down into smaller targets (think: baby steps). Download it here



Done is a habit tracking app that keeps things simple and allows you to stay on top of activities you want to carry out multiple times a day to help you strengthen your habits, whether it be establishing or eliminating them. Download it here



A daily goal planning app, Habit-Bull, comes equipped with many features for its detailed recording system to help you keep track of your progress. Download it here



Habitica is an app that helps keep you motivated to achieve your goals by gamifying them and keep track of your tasks on-the-go. Download it here



SnapHabit is a community-oriented habit tracking app for those who find motivation in group accountability and sharing their progress. Download it here



StickK works by helping people eliminate the gap between having a goal and achieving it through accountability, including making users sign a Commitment Contract and leveraging the power of putting money on the line to turn that goal into a reality. Download it here


Way of Life

The Way of Life app is a habit tracking tool which includes a color coding system for your routines and reminders as well as a feedback scoreboard to help you visualize your progress. Download it here