Whether you set New Year's Resolutions or not, it's safe to say that health is a top priority for 2021. Here are ten free apps to help you start from where you are and get you on the road to where you want to be. 

Note: All apps listed have free offerings, some also have additional premium, paid plans available. 

Apps for Your Mental Well-Being

  1. Insight Timer
    Meditations for sleep, anxiety and stress, guided by mindfulness leaders as well as celebrities.

  2. Meditopia
    1,000+ guided meditations to choose from based on how you're feeling; availalbe in multiple languages

  3. Mend
    A web-based app (no download needed) with daily support and activities for dealing with burn out and heartbreak

  4. My Possible Self
    Clinically-proven, mental well-being tools

  5. Smiling Mind
    Daily meditation and mindfulness exercises for adults, youth and the workplace; availalbe in multiple languages

  6. Stop, Breathe & Think
    Guided meditations for adults and children, plus a meditation timer; you can also access the app from your Amazon Echo or Dot

Apps for Your Physical Health

  1. Drinkaware
    Track your alcohol consumption and spend over time so you can become more aware of your drinking habits and set goals to help you moderate your drinking

  2. Nike Training Club
    Tools, motivation and support to help you reach your fitness goals; for all levels

  3. Smoke Free
    30+ techniques and methods to help quit smoking along with professional advice, tracking tools, achievement badges and more

  4. Waterminder
    Achieve your hydration goals and keep track of your water intake by simply tapping your phone